• Avoid shoveling out your car thanks to new app

    By: Kacie Yearout


    BOSTON - All you need is an iPhone this winter to shovel your car out. 

    Launching just in time for the nor'easter, the app from the Yeti Corporation allows users to order someone to shovel their car free from the snow. 

    "While you stay warm and cozy inside your house our Yetis will do the heavy lifting, all you need to do us tell us where to dig," says Yeti's web page. 

    Thursday is the official launch of the app, and the company plans to see how well it is received and go from there. Service areas for now include Southie, most of downtown, Dorchester and Roxbury. 

    "We're choosing our active coverage area largely based on how many users in that area have shown interest in the app," Yeti said. 

    The base price is about $15 and based on demand and snowfall, pricing can go up. For Thursday's snowfall, Yeti estimates $40 for a shoveling job by the evening hours.  

    "We are completely transparent about the pricing. You are given a price before you place the order and that price is locked in once you submit the order so you always know exactly what you're paying," said Yeti. 

    Since this is just the beginning for the business, the company said there's a lot to figure out. Once it proves there's a demand for the concept, it will expand into additional services, launch an Android app, and enlarge the coverage area.

    The Yeti Corp. is a local start-up with the founder, Chris Barry, teaching himself how to be an iOS developer.


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