• Sea wall repair an urgent matter ahead of midweek nor'easter


    MARSHFIELD, Mass. -- Coastal cities and towns in Massachusetts are preparing ahead of another nor'easter expected to make landfall by Wednesday.

    Sea walls in Duxbury and Marshfield began crumbling in numerous places on Monday after high tides repeatedly pounded on them.

    Homeowners are rightfully concerned with this week's upcoming storm, saying they are not prepared to fight off another round of snow and rain.

    While flooding is common on Bay Street in Marshfield and it usually takes a while for the water to recede, the concern actually lies on the sea wall that's a few hundred feet from it and has already begun to come apart. 

    Construction crews on Monday were working to repair the broken seawall ahead of Tuesday's high tide and the upcoming storm.

    Large metal plates were being added to fortify what's left of the seawall in Marshfield

    The nearby town of Duxbury is facing similar nor'easter related problems, where a firefighter told Boston 25 News that at least four other breaches in the seawall need to be fixed.

    Workers were working to temporarily fix collapsed parts of the seawall, adding rocks and dirt in hopes it will hold over during this week's storm.

    Residents, however, worry the homes impacted on Friday may not withstand another storm.

    "You can't prepare - this is it - the sea wall is the sea wall you can board up your house as much as you want but whatever is going to come over that wall is going to come over that wall," said Mike Jordan, of Duxbury. 

    For now, its still too early to tell exactly how much damage the week's storm will cause.


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