• Dog euthanized after attacking groomer at PetSmart in Hyannis


    HYANNIS, Mass. - A woman is recovering after a pit bull mix attacked her at the PetSmart in Hyannis earlier this week.

    The dog, named Bubba, has been put down.

    Bubba's owners said he was a pit bull-rottweiler mix weighing around 100 pounds. 

    Police said he attacked a 22-year-old groomer at PetSmart earlier this week. When police responded, she was bleeding, and had bite marks on her torso, wrist, and hand after the attack.

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    Investigators said this is not the first time Bubba has attacked someone.

    In September, the dog bit a woman after he was in a fight with another dog.

    The town of Sandwich ordered his owners, Cliff and Edith Gardner, to keep a muzzle on the dog whenever he was out of the house. 

    Wednesday night, police say Cliff told the groomer about Bubba's dog fight, but did not tell her Bubba had also attacked a person.

    But Cliff disagrees.

    "I did tell them," he said. "She asked me why the dog had a muzzle on. Why is he wearing a muzzle? I said, 'He got into a dog fight and he bit a lady.'"

    The groomer has been released from the hospital and is recovering. 

    "We feel awful," Edith said. "We feel awful for the woman. We feel sad about our dog. We love our dog. He's a good dog otherwise."

    PetSmart said it is still investigating the incident and looking into whether they can make any changes to prevent something like this from happening again.

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