• Firefighters battle 5-alarm fire in Brockton


    BROCKTON, Mass. - Firefighters in Brockton were hard at work Saturday afternoon as they battled a brutal five-alarm fire.

    Fire departments from neighboring towns came to assist with the fire after the Brockton Fire Chief ordered the 4th alarm.

    The fire at the 1.5 story commercial building began around 3 p.m. 

    The Brockton Fire Chief said the fire, which took hours to put out, will most likely be a total loss.

    Since the building housed a woodworking construction business, the extra wood and tools inside made it a heavier fire. Colder temperatures made it harder for firefighters to put the flames out as the water would constantly freeze up. 

    At this moment, it is still unclear what caused the fire. 

    No injuries have been reported.

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