• High demand for salt, ice melt during extreme cold stretch


    WORCESTER, Mass. - The cold weather issues continue; many stores are sold out of ice melt and rock salt!

    Shops like Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Worcester are waiting to be restocked. Their supply dried up on Christmas Eve and a supplier issue left the shelves completely empty.

    The manager says typically 20-feet of shelf space is packed and they can restock within a day.

    “It’s on its way. The order is placed, we are waiting for the trucking company to play catchup and get it to us,” said manager Jessica Hunt. 

    She says they’re getting a lot of calls from salt-seekers, as well.

    Ice melt is also sold out at the Lowe’s in Worcester and a worker at Home Depot said a shipment was in, but would likely sell out quickly. 

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